Plastic canisters and bottles

We are supplier of plastic canisters, plastic bottles and plastic caps.

Review our offer of plastic packaging for many different industries. We offer you plastic jerrycans, plastic bottles and plastic caps. Our plastic containers are made of virgin HDPE and PP material. All of them are approved for food industry, and selected of them have UN certification for transport of dangerous liquids. We supply the most demanding industries with plastic packaging.

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Wide range of plastic packaging

  • Over 100 various plastic containers available on our offer
  • Several different types of plastic packaging available
  • Regularly looking for new packaging

High quality of plastic packaging

  • Plastic packaging made from virgin raw material HDPE, PP
  • All packaging approved for contact with food
  • UN certification for the transport of dangerous materials

Plastic canisters

Plastic canisters are our main specialty, we have a wide range of capacities for this type of packaging: 1L canisters, 2L canisters, 4L canisters, 5L canisters, 10L canisters, 20L canisters, 25L canisters, 30L canisters. We produce them in many colour variations. The use of our plastic jerrycans is very wide, among others in the construction, agricultural, automotive industries, and the most demanding ones. All canisters are approved for contact with food products, selected packaging has a UN certificate for the transport of dangerous materials.

Plastic canisters offer

Plastic bottles

Plastic bottles are also our main specialization. Our offer includes plastic bottles made of HDPE and PP. Available capacities are: 100ml bottles, 250ml bottles, 300ml bottles, 500ml bottles and 1000ml bottles. Our plastic bottles are used in the most demanding industries. We have the following series of bottles: standard, for pharmaceuticals, for plant protection products and very aggressive chemicals, series of double neck dispensing bottles and a series of bottles with 28/410 thread for triggers, applicators and pumps, push-pull and flip-top, etc.

Plastic bottles offer

Plastic caps

We offer plastic caps that fit the most popular types of threads. Here you will find universal plastic closures with threads of 28mm, 38mm (Bericap), 50mm (COEX), 61mm, and for the plastic packaging from our produce: 30mm, 34mm, 52mm. We offer plastic caps with a tamper evident and various types of seals: PE, for induction heat, and caps with venting and wide range of closures like: trigger sprayer, pump, push-pull, flip-top, etc.

Plastic caps offer

European supplier of plastic packaging: canisters, bottles and caps

We are a company with over 30 years of experience in sale of plastic packaging. Our offer includes such packaging as: plastic canisters, plastic bottles and plastic caps for packaging. We can offer plastic containers of various capacities: Canisters 1L-30L and bottles 100ml-1000ml.

Our clients are companies from various industries, through application of virgin hdpe plastic in the production, our packaging can be used even in the most demanding industries. All offered plastic containers are approved for contact with food products, and selected ones are UN certified for the transport of dangerous materials.

The experience gained over the years allows us to constantly expand our packaging offer. We regularly look for new plastic packaging solutions for our clients and are always open to new challenges in the field of plastic packaging. Find out about our experience and tell us what you are looking for, and we will choose the right solution for you.